Spray Booth / Lathe

Thermal Spray produces smoke, dust, noise, sound, and gases.  In your job shop, you need the proper equipment to handle the thermal spray process, which is sealed from the dust created by HVAF, HVOF, arc spray, wire flame spray, plasma spray etc.  Bexxon Global can custom designed for your location, and application.

Bexxon Global works with United Coatings Technologies in China.  UCT is the premier maker of Thermal Spray Integrated Systems, from consulting, design, building, coating trials, turnkey installations, of 

  • APS Plasma Spray
  • HVOF liquid fuel
  • Arc Spray ​
  • Detonation Gun (D-Gun)

Thermal Spray Lathe: (rotating the part during spraying and blasting)

  • Thermal Spray lathe capacity: 10 tons, 9 meters long, diameter 55 mm up to 1000 mm
  • Custom size lathe on request
  • Thermal Spray lathe rotation: Mitsubishi servo motor
  • Max rotation speed RPM: based on parts Diameter 55 mm up to 1000 mm
  • Spray Lathe: chuck on each lathe head, with spring inside the chuck box to absorb expansion
  • An XY traverse for gun manipulation on a track parallel to the lathe, integrating a suction accordion hood under the roll part, sucks the dust created by the spraying by moving together with the gun manipulator
  • Thermal spray Gun Travel speed controlled by a Mitsubishi servo motor.
  • Touch screen: MMI will be used as the control panel for both lathe and XY traverse operation. RPM of spray lathe, moving speed of traverse and travel round times can be set on the touch screen and the screen can show the travel round times after the system started.
  • PLC for controlling, and interfaced with HVAF HVOF machine with E-stop 
  • Manual adjustment of height and the location of the gun in the spray lathe, or using robot
  • Thermal Spray lathe and traverse can be mounted on wheels and / or can be fixed by anchors.
  • suitable for all thermal spray processes, HVAF, HVOF, Arc spray, plasma spray


Bexxon Global provides acoustic enclosures (Thermal Spray booths for HVOF, HVAF, Plasma Spray, which help contain dust and noise generated by your thermal spray operations.  They can be completely customized to accommodate your specific needs. 

  •  viewing windows 
  • double-leaf access door or sliding overhead doors
  • Inlet silencers 
  • custom colors available 
  • special clam shell designs

Each thermal spray booth is a structure designed to reduce the high noise levels of thermal spray to an acceptable 85 dBA (or to match your corporate or country's standards. The thermal spray booths are assembled from panels and beams, making their design highly flexible. Designed for superior noise absorption, the panels feature a high-quality acoustical fill and perforated steel inner surfaces. The modular design of the rooms allows for minimal assembly time and easy relocation.

All thermal spray processes generate dust. A properly sized dust control system is required for collection of this over-sprayed material. The make-up air entering the acoustic room requires an air inlet silencer designed for the dust collector′ s air volume. These air inlet silencers are designed for reverse flow, which occurs when sound waves and air travel in opposing directions.

Please contact Bexxon Global for custom design specs and recommendations for your specific thermal spray operations, for HVAF, HVOF, Plasma Spray.

The Booth with large “L” shape door opening suitable for housing a thermal spray lathe.  The wide roof opening enables easy workpiece handling and setting into the spray lathe

  • Wall thickness 150mm, door roof of two sides, opened manually
  • Two observation windows
  •  Anti-explosion lights will be on the ceiling 300lux
  • Operator Access door for man access
  • High quality push-pull handling, long term smooth operation of door.
  • Cable passages
  • Air-inlet opening, and inlet will be sound proofed
  • The door roof sliding on rails both on the floor and on top of the booth ceiling. Anti-derail devices will be installed.
  • Electric panels for lights and e-stops will be installed in a suitable place on the wall