AK-ID Internal Diameter Gun

  • ​HVAF internal diameters as small as 80 mm
  • Up  to 1,5 meters deep.
  • Spray Rate up to 5 kg / hour

AK-IDR Internal Diameter Gun

  • HVAF Rotating head, as small as ID 100 mm
  • Up to 600 mm depth
  • Spray Rate up to 5 kg / hour


  • Manual on-site HVAF spraying and blasting
  • Spray Rate up to 15 kg / hour
  • Excellent for field and on-site
  • Spray metals, alloys, and carbides.
  • Gun weight: 2.5 kg

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High Velocity Air-Fuel Spraying (HVAF) and HVOF High Velocity oxygen fuel is an advanced thermal spray process for the deposition of quality carbide and metallic alloy coatings to protect internal surfaces of industrial equipment against severe wear and corrosion.

Kermetico Rotating HVAF HVOF Spray Gun

The ID rotating HVAF / HVOF thermal spray gun is a recent development of Kermetico , it is a perfect tool for the application of HVOF coatings elbows, transition pieces in Gas Turbines,  as well as for internal spraying of parts where the rotation of such parts is difficult or impossible.

  • Vessels with long protruding nozzles, cylinders blocks, pump housings, etc.
  • The ID rotating gun coats internal diameters from 100 mm (4″) and larger, depth up to 600 mm (2′) deep.