What is HVAF?

​High Velocity Air Fuel HVAF HVOF

Definition: High Velocity Air Fuel
HVAF meaning "High Velocity Air Fuel " is a high velocity combustion thermal spray process.  HVAF is used for coatings of tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, metals, and special materials like gold, silver, platinum.

The HVAF process and HVAF coatings are comparable (and typically better quality)  to coatings produced by HVOF and Cold Spray. The HVAF  process is cooler than HVOF by 1,000 C .  The air fuel combustion produces much less oxides than high temperature oxygen fuel HVOF.  The HVAF process can also apply metals with almost zero oxidation, similar to Cold Spray.

Process Requirements
The HVAF process runs on a fuel gas such as Propane, Propylene, or Natural gas (supplied from cylinders or gas line at 140 psi), and compressed air (supplied by a 400 CFM air compressor at 125 psi). There are no additional requirements for water cooling.

HVAF Process diagram