KGS Microfinisher Polishers

KGS Microfinisher Polishers


With adjustable speed oscillating grinding, longitudinal wear marks can quickly be eliminated leaving a uniform finish. - When equipped with a precision grinding belt, excellent flatness and high dimensional accuracy levels can be achieved, giving professional ultra high precision results. - The superfinisher can be easily mounted and unmounted from lathes or grinding equipment, making it a very versatile addition to any workshop. - High stability, low noise, low power consumption. 

This M100 superfinishing machine can be mounted to lathes, grinders or other suitable industrial equipment. The superfinishing machine uses abrasive film for grinding, polishing and texturing many types of cylindrical parts requiring high levels of precision. Parts such as tungsten carbide rolls, stainless steel rolls, and other metallic or ceramic materials can easily be polished to a mirror finish. The M100 Superfinisher is the ideal solution for achieving a stable and precision finish.



Power (kW)  0.8
Voltage (V) 220 220 V
Width of belt (mm) 101.6
Film Feed speed mm/min) 0-30 0-30
Vibration frequency (Hz)  0-1420
Contact pressure (N) 0-1180 0-1180
Vibrational Amplitude 0-3 
Air pressure (bar) 0-6.2 0-6.2
Noise (dB) <90
Weight (kg) 75 75
Center height (mm 105
Length*Width*Height (mm) 750 x320 x410