Grinding Equipment

Grinding Equipment

Diamond Belt, Roll Grinding Attachment

Abrasive Belt Grinding of Hard Coatings

Diamond Belt Grinding Attachment for Hard Coatings

Diamond Belt Grinding using flexible diamond belts for fast, efficient operation, uniform surface finishes. 

Diamond belt grinding can use a lathe therefore the low initial investment for precision tool post attachment.

Diamond belt grinding is faster than grinding with a stone or diamond wheel

You can easily switch between grades of Diamond belts to reach the finish needed for each job, starting with a 60 mesh belt and finishing with a 3000 mesh belt in free polishing position

Our tool post mounted belt grinder is adjustable to support two different diamond belt grinding modes (fixed and floating)

  • Diamond belt grinding on contact wheel gives best results in terms of accuracy and speed
  • Grinding on a free area of the flexible diamond belt provides a fast and effective finishing in order to save time even if further super-finishing is required

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Belt Grinding Attachment our latest model 2 x 48 inch or 50 mm x 1220 mm long belts

Diamond Belt Grinding Attachment

  • 3 kw motor
  • Made by KGS Switzerland in China
  • Diamond belt Grinding
  • Diamond Belt Polishing
  • Designed for diamond Belts
  • Belts speed to 10,000.
  • Wet grinding with flexible diamond belts

KGS Flexible Diamond belts: resin bonded flexible diamond belts designed specifically for precision grinding and polishing of extremely hard HVOF and HVAF Tungsten Carbide Coatings.   KGS Tool Post grinders are the modern design used in Thermal Spray Industry. Chrome Carbides, Tungsten Carbides and Ceramic coatings applied using HVAF & HVOF can be quickly ground and polished using Telum CH Belts.

KGS Flexible Diamond Belts and our Tool Post Grinders are Engineered to replace metal bond diamond wheels and microfinishing systems. Telum CH Belts combine the accuracy of rigid tools (bonded wheels) with the speed, consistency, and ease of use of a flexible diamond belt system. And for many applications, can replace the need for diamond film finishing. Telum CH is ideal for wet grinding and polishing of cylinders with hard coatings. Especially those used in the pulp, paper and printing industries. Telum CH is ideal for chrome replacement.

HVAF and HVOF Tungsten Carbide Coatings ground with tool post grinder:

  • rams, pistons, plungers, compressor rods
  • flash carbide Kermetico polishing
  • calendar rolls 
  • jars, mandrels, drive shaft, and other downhole tools

 Telum CH belts grind and polish fast. Telum CH belts provide an efficient, lower cost solution requiring less operator skill than required when working with bonded wheels.

KGS Diamond can make Telum CH belts in any size.