Cold Spray Powder

Cold Spray Powder

COLD SPRAY Metals / Cold Spray Powders

Cold spray equipment is successfully used to apply a variety of materials on an extremely broad range of metallic, ceramic, and plastic substrates.   VRC Metal Systems Cold Spray equipment is used for depositing the materials below:

Copper Alloys, applied by cold spray equipment

CP Cu, Commercially Pure Copper on 1100 Copper substrate, Adhesion Strength over 10,000 psi [68 MPa], Hardness: 180 HV

DT 31, Adhesion > 10,000 psi [68 MPa], Tensile strength > 56,000 [386 MPa]

500A Cu, 500A Copper on Aluminium 7075, Adhesion Strength > 10,000 [68 MPa], Hardness: 190 HV

Other Metals applied by cold spray equipment

CP Ni, Commerically Pure Nickel on Aluminum, Adhesion Strength > 10,000 [68 MPa] 3-lug Shear Strength > 18 ksi [124 MPa] , Hardness: 210 HV

CP Ti,  Commercially Pure Titanium on Ti 6Al-4V, Adhesion Strength > 10 ksi [68 MPa]

Tantalum, 40 ksi [275 MPa] while maintaining > 3% ductility are repeatable., Tantalum is dark (blue gray),[21] dense, ductile, extremely hard, easily fabricated, and highly conductive of heat and electricity. The metal is renowned for its resistance to corrosion by acids; in fact, at temperatures below 150 °C tantalum is completely immune to attack by the normally aggressive aqua regia. 

316 SS and Chrome Carbide, Adhesion strength > 10 ksi [68 MPa], High strengths > 100 ksi [689 MPa] 

Ti + BAM, BAM is a unique and patented high hardness low-friction material developed by AMES and can be licensed from New Tech Ceramics.

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