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Bexxon Global Singapore, We have a network of partner companies across the world, to help you with local service if needed. In Japan, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, USA, Canada, China, France, Switzerland, UK, Turkey, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Mexico.

Special industrial surface engineering processes  

Contact us to discuss:

  • Optimal thermal spray process for you?
  • VRC Metal Systems high pressure cold spray services and applications
  • Saving money on HVOF, Plasma, Arc spray booths and dust collectors
  • HVAF, HVOF, Plasma, Laser Cladding, made in either China, Europe, USA
  • Custom designed integrated systems. 
  • Factory direct prices? 
  • Diamond Grinding with tool post grinders, diamond belts
  • CNC diamond grinding of HVOF coatings
  • Discussions and technical support 

Bexxon: Factory Authorized Agent 

Buy factory direct.  Factory direct means the best pricing, reliable documentation, and assurance on the installation and commissioning. 

Bexxon Global is expert with:

  • VRC Metal Systems High Pressure Cold Spray: USA for metal deposition with no distortion, high quality overlays (High Pressure Cold Spray)
  • Kermetico HVAF C -HVOF excellent quality HVAF C Kermetico Tungsten Carbide coating technology, spray rates up to 33 kg per hour
  • KGS Swiss diamond belts and tool post grinders TPG
  • Fireside Coatings USA, spray-on ceramic coatings for boiler corrosion, slagging, corrosion, and erosion resistance, XP61, F61, XP61-S
  • Turnkey Liquid Fuel HVOF and Mass Flow Plasma systems made to world class standards using world class components in China, in a professional factory, with 30 years of experience.
  • Spray booth, spray lathe, dust collectors, and design